Build your own podcast app : must have features

Apple Podcast Apple Podcast App, an excellent podcast app

We have listed all the features you need to have if you are building your own podcast app.

UI features

The player should be accessible anywhere in the app thanks to a sticky bar so users can access by pressing it. Episode name/image and play/pause buttons should be visible on that bar.

Sticky Player

Player features

The player should be able to play/pause and go back or forward a dozen of seconds by pressing a button. User should also be able to navigate at any position in time thanks to a slider.


Offline download

Users very often want to download an episode to listen it when they don't have good internet connexion or if they don't have wifi.

Offline Download

Search / Latest podcasts

Your app should provide a screen with the latest episodes in chronological order. Beside that, they expect to be able to search for a particular episode.



Mark as played

It's nice to allow user to be able to mark an episode as played, so they can quickly track what is new or not.

Mark As Played

Our white label app provides all these features, contact us if you want to save some time and get your own podcast app!